Check-in time for our arriving guests is 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday, 8am – 3pm on Saturdays and between 1:30pm – 3pm on Sundays. Please contact one of our Cruise Directors prior to your visit for arrangements and any questions you may have.

Please allow 20 minutes for a complete check-in, including a quick stop at customs to be sure your pet is safe for boarding. We are a flea-free environment; if fleas are found upon check-in your pet will be treated and your account charged accordingly.


Check-out time for our departing quests is before 12pm (noon) Monday – Saturday or between 2pm and 4pm on Sundays. After 12pm (noon), you will incur another night’s charge. However, having any additional service in our pet spa can override this additional charge. On Sunday, check out works a little differently.

Due to our hours of 2pm – 4pm on Sunday, you are unable to check out by 12pm (noon). To avoid another night’s boarding rate, schedule your pet for a service in our spa.


We ask that your pet be here for Spa Embarkation between the hours of 8am and 9:30am. At this time, you will be introduced to one of our Spa professionals who will evaluate your pet’s pampering needs. Our Stylists will explain hair cut options and our Spa Techs can recommend specialty treatments for an extra luxurious spa day for your pet.

Please allow 5 – 10 minutes for a complete check-in, including a chance to talk with your Pet Stylist and give special instructions.


Our Cruise Directors will contact you via phone call, email or text as soon as the Spa Services are complete. Texting & email notifications are available as long as we have your correct cell number or email address on file. While your pets are waiting for you to pick them up, we will make sure they are comfortable with fresh water and potty walks. We simply ask that you pick up prior to closing.


You can take advantage of our new early drop-off! Just take your dog to the Training Building between 7am-8am (before usual business hours) and you’re on your way. After 8am, it’s your choice – either drop your dog off at the front desk or at the Training Building.

Take your dog’s leash and collar with you at drop-off andbring them back at pick-up. Our Bayside Bed & Biscuit leashes will be used by staff when needed during the day. This ensures that leashes and collars go home on the right pet. This will also keep them from getting damaged or worn in bad weather.


Easy pick-up after the end of Group Play for both half-day Playersand full-day Players. The easiest way (and best value for you) is to have a punch card on file. Please ask a Cruise Director for more information if you need it. Please make sure you have a current credit card on file to ensure an easy pick up from the training building. You can always come inside & get your kids also.

These guidelines are meant to keep all dogs happy, healthy, and safe. Allowing us to
provide a positive social environment for your dog at all times.

Approval Process
To be considered a candidate for Group Play all dogs must be:
• At least 6 months old
• Spayed or neutered
• Free of fleas, ticks, and parasites
• Able to respond to our staff at all times (basic commands and directions)
• No aggression, dominance, or fearful
• Able to pass our Group Assessment performed at Bayside Bed and Biscuit
• Current on required vaccinations and be maintained on required vaccinations
(administered by a licensed veterinarian). If your dog has expired vaccinations
they will not be allowed to play until updated.
1. Rabies: 1-year or 3-year
2. DH-PP: 1-year booster at age 1. Every 3-years after
3. Bordetella: Every 6-months
4. CIV (Canine Flu): 1-year after initial shot with booster
If you have recently adopted/acquired your dog we recommend waiting at least one
month or longer for your dog to get accustomed to being with you before scheduling
the Group Assessment.
If your dog is of an older age (10 year or older) and has never played in group
before then likely Group Play will not be the best fit for them. Talk with our staff
about other Day Care options that would be better suited for your dog.

Group Assessment
Group Assessments are held Monday-Thursday and completed by our Behavior Coach’s.
The initial fee is $50 per dog and covers the rest of the day of play if they pass. Dogs
must be dropped off between 8am-9am on the day of the assessment and stay until at
least 3-4pm. Other services such as vet work, bath/groom may not be done on the
same day as assessment. The assessment application must be filled out entirely prior to
actual assessment. Dog who has not participated in Group Play for over 6 months will
need to be Reassessed for Group Play.
Reassessment for Group Play
Reassessments are held Monday-Thursday and completed by our Behavior Coach’s.
Dogs who have not participated in Group Play for over 6 months will need to be
reassessed and monitored closely for any behavioral changes. Reassessments are not
an extra cost but does need to scheduled ahead of time. If your dog is a senior and
they haven’t played in group for a while, then group play is likely not the best fit for

Partial Pass for Group Play
Dogs that are overwhelmed on the assessment day will be given a partial pass. This
means the dog will be monitored closely by the staff and Behavior Coach’s to see if they
will warm up to pass. If your dog is given a partial pass please bring them back to play
within 1 month of assessment date or we will have to do a reassessment.

Does Not Pass for Group Play
You will be contacted by one of our Behavior Coaches and asked to pick up your dog.
The assessment fee is waived for non-passers. We do offer day boarding services if
you’re unable to pick up and your dog. If you cannot pick up between 12-1pm your dog
will be considered day boarding and you will be charged for a day board. The cost of
day boarding is $30.

Behavioral Changes
All dogs who are approved for Group Play activities are watched closely to see if there
are any change in their behaviors. If they become aggressive, dominate, fearful or
show any other signs of behavioral issues their Group Play privileges may be suspended
with or without notice. Dogs’ behaviors can change over time and we reserve the right
to deem your dog unsuitable for group at any time.

Hours of Operation
We offer Group Play Monday through Saturday
Morning Session (Monday-Friday)
• Large dogs 7am-12pm, Small dogs 7am-11am
Afternoon session (Monday-Friday)
• Large dogs 1:30pm-6pm, Small dogs 1pm-6pm (1-1:30 Small dogs play in
the splash pad)
Saturday Session
• 8am-12pm
Rest Period for dogs staying all day
• Large dogs 12pm-1:30pm, Small dogs 11-1pm. Dogs will be brought inside
for rest and relaxation. If you desire that your dog eat lunch, we will feed
them. Please bring food from home labeled or use our kennel food.

For first time Group Play participants and reassessments, reservations are required so
that we may schedule an assessment, check vaccinations, and complete all required
paperwork in advance.

Owners can bring food from home as long as it’s labeled or we can feed your dog
kennel food. Upon request we will feed your dog lunch during their rest period. We only
offer feeding your dog lunch we do not offer feeding your dog breakfast or dinner. We
do not recommend that your dog eat anything substantial during the day due to the
high level of physical activity during Group Play. Dog owners should understand that
the risk of “bloat,” or Gastric Dilation and Volvulus (GDV), increases when dogs
participate in vigorous activity within one hour after eating. This is especially true of
large or deep-chested breeds. We recommend feeding your dog at least one to two
hours before dropping them off from Group Play activities. Bayside Bed and Biscuit is
not responsible for health or medical problems associated with feeding, whether on
premises or at home.

General Health and Physical Limitations
All dogs must be in good general health to play at Bayside Bed and Biscuit. Bayside
Animal Hospital is not licensed to provide veterinary care to dogs that they haven’t seen
before. Bayside Animal Hospital is available in case of emergencies. Dogs exhibiting
signs of illness, contagious viruses, oral papillomas, or any other health concerns will
not be accepted. Dogs who are fully blind will not be accepted into Group Play for safety
reasons. We will accept partially blind and fully deaf dogs on a case-by-case basis. Dogs
who are currently having active seizures or on preventative medication for seizures will
not be accepted into Group Play for safety reasons. Other physical limitations will be
assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Leashes, Collars, and Harnesses
• For your dog’s protection, ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH when arriving to or
leaving from the Group Play yard. If you do not have a leash, one can be provided
for you.
• All collars/harnesses/other must have some sort of identification with YOUR DOGS
NAME ON IT so we know whose leash is whose.
Access to Group Play Yard
• Drop off and pick up your dog in the drive through parking area, turn left in front of
the vet office and drive around back to the Group Play building. Or drop them off
and pick up in the lobby of Bayside Bed and Biscuit.
• Owners are not allowed to stay with their dogs during Group Play sessions or be
present during the assessment. We also ask that you refrain from approaching the
outside fence area or walk around the building to see the yards.

Dirty Dogs
We have artificial turf in our main play areas to help keep dogs clean during playtimes.
Some dogs may still get dirty (especially on rainy days) while participating in Group
Play. Our Group Play yards also have wading pools and a splash pad, some of the dogs
really enjoy getting wet and playing in the water. Our staff will do their best to clean up
a heavily soiled dog before they are picked up, but owners should understand that their
primary responsibility is to supervise dogs and time is not available to provide a bath
before sending dog’s home. Please have a towel ready in your car.
Inclement Weather
During periods of inclement weather, we may modify Group Play activities to better
serve our doggie friends. This may include bringing them indoors or extending their rest
period until the weather is suitable for outdoor play. If your dog is thunderphobic
consider not bringing them to Group Play on days of expected bad weather.

Late Fees
Dogs doing a half day of Group Play who are not picked up at the end of their session
may incur additional charges for Group Play or individual day care. Any dog not picked
up by the close of business (6:00pm Monday-Friday; 12:00pm Saturday) will be
checked into boarding and charged the regular nightly boarding fee. Please call us if
you are running late.
All Group Play services are non-refundable except in the following circumstances.
Clients who purchase a punch card and decide not to use it all or who are asked to
withdraw their dog from Group Play for behavior reasons may receive a partial refund
for unused days or receive a credit on their account. If you pick up and drop off your
dog outside you are required to have a credit card on file or a punch card. If you pick
up and drop off your dog inside this is not required.

Other Notes
• Owners can arrange to have friends or relatives pick up their dog, but owners
must inform our staff in advance before we will allow any other person to take
home a dog which is not theirs.
• If your dog has been sprayed by a skunk, please do not bring your dog to Group
Play until they have been bathed. You can bring your dog back to Group Play
once they have been bathed, but please inform us so we are aware.

Feel free to pack up to three toys and a small blanket or tee shirt that smells like home. We are not responsible for damaged or lost items, but we do our best to return them safely. For safety reasons, we reserve the right to refuse items that we feel may cause a problem during boarding. There is no need to pack a bed, as our deckhands provide daily morning housekeeping services with fresh lambskin bedding for each pet. We also provide a wide selection of toys to keep your pet occupied and entertained while in our care.

Please limit to 3 personal items per cat. We are not responsible for damage or lost items, but we will do our best to return them safely. For safety reasons, we also reserve the right to refuse items that we feel may cause a problem during boarding. Too much hassle? Not to worry! We offer lambskin bedding to be put down with each guest.

No need to pack treats or lunch, as we have treats for all participants. It’s okay to bring in treats for your dog, but please limit the number of treats to 2 for small dogs and 4 for large dogs. We will take care of any meals if needed.

If you wish to bring your own food, please have it pre-packaged for each meal and labeled with the pet’s full name. We would be happy to serve our food, Science Diet Sensitive Stomach, at no additional cost. For information on Science Diet products please go towww.hillspet.com.

If you wish to bring your own food, please keep in mind that we have limited space to store each guests’ items. Please bring enough for your pet’s stay, plus a few days in case of emergency or extended stay. We would be happy to serve one of our foods: Science Diet Sensitive Stomach & Skin (dry), Hill’s Digestive Care (wet) or Tiki Cat Gourmet Carnivore (wet). For more information on these products, visitwww.hillspet.comorwww.tikipets.com.

Yes.Please bring enough for your pet’s stay, plus a few days in case of emergency or extended stay.


Owners must show proof of all yearly vaccinations if verbal confirmation cannot be obtained prior to boarding.

For Dogs

  • DHLP-P
  • Rabies
  • Bordetella
  • Canine Influenza (CIV)

View the Center for Disease Control and Prevention’s Key Facts About CIV
ViewThe American Veterinary Medical Association’s article on CIV

For Cats

  • FVCRP and Rabies (Leukemia & FIV recommended)

Please allow 20 minutes for a complete check-in, including a quick stop at customs to be sure your pet is safe for boarding. We are a flea-free environment; if fleas are found upon check-in your pet will be treated and your account charged accordingly.

During hurricane season (June-November) we require a local contact who will be able to come in and pick up your pet within one hour of a mandatory evacuation notice. We are sorry for any inconvenience. If you are not able to comply with this, please let a manager know at check-in.

If a category 3, 4, or 5 hurricane is projected to make a possible landfall in the vicinity of Houston/Galveston area, all Bayside Bed & Biscuit personnel and all customer’s pets must be evacuated at least 1 day prior to the expected landfall. This will require each pet owner or their designated emergency contact person to pick up their pet(s) from Bayside Bed & Biscuit at least 1 day prior to the expected landfall. Owners of pets which are not picked up will be charged a daily fee of $400 per pet to offset costs incurred by Bayside Bed & Biscuit to evacuate their pets and/or keep them safe.

For a category 1 or category 2 hurricane, Bayside Bed & Biscuit will make a decision on evacuation following the advice of local authorities, after which we will contact our customers or their designated emergency contacts.